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Requesting a List

Any member of the RIT community may request a list. Please submit a request using the links found below.


List Types

Mailman List

A Mailman list may be requested for a distribution list that will contain a dynamic list of members, potentially including both RIT community members and non-members. These lists may be used for announcements, discussion, or information sharing.

Mailman lists will not be created for class distributions (use or for departmental, divisional, or discipline distributions (for non-class distributions you may submit a request for an automated mailing list instead, see below).

Automated List

An automated list should be requested for a distribution list that will contain all of the members of a given grouping, such as a specific division, department, college, discipline, course, or course section at RIT. These lists should be reserved for announcements of specific interest to the membership.

Examples of automated lists

Requesting a List

To request a list, click on one of the following: